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California – Driest January, February, and March in a record dating back over 100 years

California experienced the driest January, February, and March in a record dating back over 100 years in 2022 and the Sierra Nevadas receiving just six inches of precipitation in that time.  All of California’s cities are under a drought emergency proclamation with the state’s largest reservoirs currently at half of their historical averages, and the …


Catch Basin Insert Performance

Catch Basin Inserts that Work ! Our patent-pending catch basin filtration process is based on the metal ions forcing the sodium ions to exchange places, thus stripping the metals out of the stormwater. By having a massive amount of negatively charged sites occupied with a single sodium atom (ion), metals can be stripped out efficiently …


Portland Postal Distribution Center

It was the Facilities Manager of the Vehicle Maintenance Center of the US Postal Distribution Center who also had the environmental responsibility of achieving stormwater quality compliance for their entire 10-acre site. Being the central distribution for the State of Oregon and SW Washington, hundreds of long-range tractor-trailers, cube vans, cargo trucks, and postal trucks …


Environmental Attributes

Of recent, we at Gullywasher are finding that more governmental-based organizations are having us qualify our industrial stormwater filter products against a series of environmental attributes that will benefit their use at the various sites on a long-term basis. Bio-based, Dual Stage Upflow Biofilters: We utilize a non-chemical, non-electrical passive filter process that uses a media …


Oregon Aerospace Manufacturer

This aerospace client had installed an a “patented media filtration system for enhanced industrial stormwater treatment” on their site about 5 years ago.  However, it never achieved benchmark compliance and was well known for plugging completely up after a couple of rain events.  The filter even overflowed on the first rain event!  With that filter …


Evans Metal Steel Fabrication

It is the final price (sticker shock) that our competition proposed that led the purchasing manager who is also the Environmental, Health & Safety manager to contact Gullywasher to perform a peer review. Evans has 5 outfalls on their site with one 5-acre building, two 1/4-acre buildings, a 5-acre employee parking lot (with materials storage), …

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