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Serious Green Engineering Solutions

We design systems that meet your needs without blowing the budget. We take a common-sense approach in making stormwater compliance simple, inexpensive, and easy to maintain.

Once we become part of your stormwater compliance team, we will be there for your company - ensuring your site will achieve compliance consistently. We want your company to become a success story. We have laboratory data that shows that our systems perform to higher standards than our competitors.

Our Team

Jeffrey D. Pettey

Jeffrey D. Pettey is a visionary mechanical process engineer in separation and adsorption technologies. As the founder of Gullywasher, Jeffrey's vision was and still is to provide cost-effective solutions that work consistently with low maintenance being a key consideration. He has been successful with applying Gullywasher technologies for the last 18 years. His passion of making stormwater filtration affordable for all business owners has been a breakthrough for the stormwater compliance industry.

Tracy Stone

Tracy Stone started work with Jeff prior to the creation of Gullywasher. She set up Gullywasher's industrial sewing capacities. Tracy's responsibilities are warehouse operations, field servicing, and field installations. She is very talented and passionate about customer service

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Case Studies

Stormwater compliance can be tricky. Gullywasher offers several solutions to control storm water contaminations at your site. Explore our insight, case studies and success stories!

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Portland Postal Distribution Center

It was the Facilities Manager of the Vehicle Maintenance Center of the US Postal Distribution Center who also had the environmental responsibility of achieving stormwater quality compliance for their entire 10-acre site. Being the central distribution for the State of Oregon and SW Washington, hundreds of long-range tractor-trailers, cube vans, cargo trucks, and postal trucks …


Evans Metal Steel Fabrication

It is the final price (sticker shock) that our competition proposed that led the purchasing manager who is also the Environmental, Health & Safety manager to contact Gullywasher to perform a peer review. Evans has 5 outfalls on their site with one 5-acre building, two 1/4-acre buildings, a 5-acre employee parking lot (with materials storage), …


All Metals Processing, Inc

Their environmental manager contacted Gullywasher for a site walk to see how she could utilize our biofilter technology.  Since the site was 3.5 acres ā€“ mostly consisting of manufacturing plant space; our initial recommendations were to use two pump nā€™ treat biofilter processes at the 2 entrances into the complex. Typically with a site this …

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