High Quality Organic Medias

Our expertise is in the details when it comes to stormwater management. The tiniest components in a filtration system (sand, gravel and biochar) will have a huge effect on your bottom line. That's why we use certified filter-grade, originally sourced, clean and properly sized materials.

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Our Bio-Char Solutions

We only use high-quality materials that originally come from sawmill operations. In order to manufacture wood for the construction industry, sawmills operations create a considerable amount of wood waste. This wood waste is used for energy generation and the resultant waste from the thermal energy generation process (fly ash) is our raw material. Then we wash, rinse, and size this material into our biochar. We do this to ensure the integrity of our material. The specific origin of our biochar is required in order to create the type of microscopic tubular channels with internal charged wall surfaces that give this biochar the capacity of removing metals.
We have different mixes of Biochar for different applications.

Filter Grade Metal Compliant Mix2 Biochar

Our Metal Compliant Mix2 is biochar mixed with other organic media that allow for excellent metal removal.

Filter Grade Fast Flow Bio-Char

Our Fast Flow biochar mix is engineered for clarification of the stormwater. This media is excellent for catch basin protection, where stormwater laden with heavy solids will be flowing in fast.

Filter Grade Bio-Char

Industrial filter grade biochar that has been washed, rinsed and graded for the proper size. This biochar is far superior to any other biochar on the market.

Filter Grade Quartz Sand

Our certified filter grade quartz sand is sized for optimal permeability while trapping solids at different layers of the sand bed, which avoids constant rebedding due to 'sticky' solids.

Filter Grade Quartz Gravel

We use a properly sized quartz gravel that is washed, rinsed, and shipped directly from the mine site. Our filter grade gravel optimizes the gravity process for permeability, distribution and collection.

Sodium Exchange

This is an engineered media that is designed for fast efficient removals of metals with very short residence times. We use this metal exchange media when the filter size would not allow for longer retention times or if we need to perform a final polish.

Organic Shell

Our constant improvement process and sourcing for organic and sustainable media have made us pioneers in utilizing organic shells into our stormwater treatment designs with great results. Instead of ending up in landfills, our organic shells are achieving metals removal in stormwater of up to 78%.

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