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Oregon Aerospace Manufacturer

This aerospace client had installed an a “patented media filtration system for enhanced industrial stormwater treatment” on their site about 5 years ago.  However, it never achieved benchmark compliance and was well known for plugging completely up after a couple of rain events.  The filter even overflowed on the first rain event!  With that filter …


Evans Metal Steel Fabrication

It is the final price (sticker shock) that our competition proposed that led the purchasing manager who is also the Environmental, Health & Safety manager to contact Gullywasher to perform a peer review. Evans has 5 outfalls on their site with one 5-acre building, two 1/4-acre buildings, a 5-acre employee parking lot (with materials storage), …


All Metals Processing, Inc

Their environmental manager contacted Gullywasher for a site walk to see how she could utilize our biofilter technology.  Since the site was 3.5 acres – mostly consisting of manufacturing plant space; our initial recommendations were to use two pump n’ treat biofilter processes at the 2 entrances into the complex. Typically with a site this …

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