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Which Stormwater Filter is Right for your Business?

Gullywasher is the industry leader in common sense stormwater treatment technologies. We are here to help you choose and implement the right approach to achieve stormwater compliance for your facilities.

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Proven to Remove up to 99.7% of Metals

Explore our case study of a major semiconductor manufacturer and review the third-party lab results.

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Scalable Filter Solutions

Stormwater compliance can be tricky. Thankfully Gullywasher offers several solutions that are simple and cost effective. These BMPs can be used independently or combined. Our solutions are scalable so you can treat hot spots and or the whole site. We make controlling contaminates, whether organic or inorganic easy.

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Both our upflow & downflow biofilters use our High Efficiency Organic biochar mix for removing metals, BOD, COD, oils and suspended solids.


Catch Basin Inserts

We design long-lasting catch basin inserts that are washable for reuse for years of service. This alone will save your firm lots of money. Our catch basin inserts can remove metals, sediment, muck, and oils.


Clarification Surge Tanks

Our Clarification Surge Tanks are effective to treat large quantities of stormwater with high solid loadings and can handle the not-so-rare 10, 25, 50 and 100-year rain events. They are a very economical way to treat large surging volumes of stormwater. We have several options and sizes available to meet your needs.

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Custom Solution and Expertise

We've delivered remarkable results to a wide range of industries. We can help address any issues with your current system or can help you install a brand-new system with our turnkey solutions and retrofit your existing stormwater process, and/or provide technical services.

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Finer Points

With so many technical decisions to make around the equipment for stormwater treatment, it is easy to overlook the importance of using the right media. Gullywasher solely purchases its media from known originating sources. Find out why.

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Filter Socks

We use a wide range of materials for our filter socks that can help you reduce contaminants from your stormwater. You can use this Best Manufacture Practices (BMPs) in areas that have concentrated flow drainage patterns, high sheet erosion and inlets to catch basins and sampling points.



Gullywasher uses originally sourced materials like our filter-grade bio-char mixes, filter-grade quartz sand and filter-grade quartz gravel as the backbone to our stormwater filtration systems. These material selections and quality control make our system perform better than any of our competitors’ products.


Premium Bio-Char Mix

Not all Medias are created equal. The right media variation can be the reason why a system will succeed or fail miserably. We can help you decide what media is best for your organization. Our biochar is created with organically sourced washed/rinsed materials, so our customers can save on maintenance and always operate within benchmark compliance standards.

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We know compliance can be a headache. Reach out to us via phone, email or contact form and get started.

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Meet Ray

Our autonomous solar remediation system concentrates solar heat and high intensity UV radiation to completely sterilize bacteria and reduce organics, BOD, COD, and PHAS levels in a wide variety of wastewater and stormwater streams. Plus the energy cost from the Sun is free!

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You're in Good Company

We've helped hundreds of companies attain stormwater compliance in a cost-effective manner.


AutoGator attempted to address industrial stormwater compliance benchmarks on their own; however, they were still out of compliance. That is when Gullywasher was brought in. What happened next was one of the fastest and most cost-effective turnarounds we have ever seen.

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Evans Metals

Gullywasher was contacted to peer review a stormwater treatment system proposal for 11-acre facility. We were able to save the company literally over a million dollars by finding one of the major pollution sources that could be fixed easily instead of installing a stormwater treatment that would have been an overkill, while addressing the other 4 drainages on-site with simpler more-effective treatment processes.

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