Clarification Units

Our meticulously designed clarifiers handle increased surges and solids during heavy rain. Our design provides ten times as much settling area than traditional clarifiers, resulting in highly clarified stormwater flow that will increase throughput capacity and reduce filter maintenance costs.

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Clarification Surge Tanks for Larger Loads

Large storm events come with stormwater to be full of dirt and muck. Our Clarification Surge Tank can handle the increased surges and solids loading. What makes our clarification tank a unique design is its ability to handle surges. It can easily handle storm events that happen on a 25-year, 50-year or 100-year basis, or a site with increased solid loadings in their stormwater.

Above Ground Clarification

Our above ground clarification units a can be sized depending on the volume of water to be treated and the solids loadings. We use effective coalescing/ settling- media plates to increase solids settling.

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Below Ground Clarification

Below Ground Clarification units are perfect for facilities with smaller footprint restrictions. We can also help you retrofit previously build below ground structures.

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Above Ground Clarification Surge Tank

Within this tank, the stormwater will first enter an equalization area, and then find its way through stacked coalescing/settling media packs to move onward to the tank’s outlets. What eventually comes out of this clarification tank is a highly clarified stormwater flow that will greatly reduce the amount of solids. In addition, as the incoming flow goes up, the water level within the clarification surge tank will rise up accordingly – gradually increasing its supply of stormwater to the biofilters due to increased head.

This will maximize the biofilters’ throughput capacity while reducing the filter maintenance.

Below Ground Clarification Surge Tank

Depending on the need and the site, the design and number of chambers will vary. In order to save the site money, we do not have one solution fits all. We will design the clarification to suit your needs. We can reduce, oil and grease, solids and metals with the below ground clarification while saving some space at your site.

Proven to Remove up to 99.7% of Metals

Explore our case study of a major semiconductor manufacturer and review the third-party lab results.

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