Ray® Solar Remediation System

Ray uses the power of the sun to clean the Earth. The Ray mobile unit concentrates solar heat and high intensity UV to sterilize bacteria and reduce organics, BOD, COD and PFAS levels in concentrated waste streams.

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Rigorous Testing

Ray® has been proven to clean solids, water and soils that are polluted with glycols, coliform, high BOD content effluent, E. coli and cyanide. Also applicable to TCE, pesticides and COD by an independent environmental laboratory and Oregon State University.


The Ray is built to wipe out the most harmful of pollutants on an ongoing basis using sun tracking technology and the ability for site specific presets allows The Ray to work without supervision.


Ray® treats effluents on site without drawing electricity from outside sources, making it highly financially competitive with other remediation systems. In addition to lowering ongoing expenses, the Ray® is durable enough to withstand 90 mph winds and hail.


Ray® is available in various different sizes to meet your specific site's needs, ranging from 8 feet to 40 feet units.


Ray® is transportable to allow for ease of delivery and choice of set up location on site. An optional onboard PV array solar charging system is available for remote use.

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