Shucking Out the Metals

Oyster Shells & Oyster Chips We at Gullywasher are always looking for better treatments for increasing stormwater purity.  Sometimes it is best to look upstream and into ways to take out the bulk load of the stormwater contamination.  This allows your main stormwater treatment process to be online longer, reduce its monthly maintenance requirements, extend …


Catch Basin Insert Performance

Catch Basin Inserts that Work ! Our patent-pending catch basin filtration process is based on the metal ions forcing the sodium ions to exchange places, thus stripping the metals out of the stormwater. By having a massive amount of negatively charged sites occupied with a single sodium atom (ion), metals can be stripped out efficiently …


Environmental Attributes

Of recent, we at Gullywasher are finding that more governmental-based organizations are having us qualify our industrial stormwater filter products against a series of environmental attributes that will benefit their use at the various sites on a long-term basis. Bio-based, Dual Stage Upflow Biofilters: We utilize a non-chemical, non-electrical passive filter process that uses a media …

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