Catch Basin Inserts that Work !

Our patent-pending catch basin filtration process is based on the metal ions forcing the sodium ions to exchange places, thus stripping the metals out of the stormwater. By having a massive amount of negatively charged sites occupied with a single sodium atom (ion), metals can be stripped out efficiently through our process of ion exchange.

You see – the sodium ion is one of the weakest atoms in nature. Its magnetic charge (known as valence) is just a positive one. That is why metal ions on stormwater which have a higher magnetic positive charges (2+ or 3+) take the site of the sodium and this is how we remove metals out of the stormwater.

What Makes Our Filter Inserts Better?

  • Our catch basin inserts pull contaminants out of your stormwater at the molecular level including dissolved metals.
  • There are standard sizes and custom sizes. We build both.
  • Lift straps on our catch basin inserts allows one employee rather than a crew to change out the filter inserts.
  • Our yellow sample pan under the catch basin basket makes grabbing a clean sample easy.
  • Our filter inserts can be cleaned with a garden hose and reused over and over.
  • Our basket and framed style filters change out in less than two minutes.
  • Our catch basin designs supports themselves after the grate is pulled. There is no chance for the entire assembly to fall into the storm drain, unlike some competitors’ designs.
  • Pick a filter based on needs – sediment vs heavy metals
  • Make sure there are over-flow ports built into the filter design for those heavy rain days.
  • Grate pullers makes maintenance an one-person operation.
  • They utilize as much area as your catch basin has to offer. This allows for higher flow and more surface for treatment.

What Removals you Should Expect From our Inserts?

This is the type of emails we get from our clients :

“Received results today from the Lab, for the most recent stormwater testing, done just after Gullywasher installed the newest filters here in catch basin #009.  All metals are within the benchmarks, WOO HOO! ” – Happy Client

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