Their environmental manager contacted Gullywasher for a site walk to see how she could utilize our biofilter technology.  Since the site was 3.5 acres – mostly consisting of manufacturing plant space; our initial recommendations were to use two pump n’ treat biofilter processes at the 2 entrances into the complex.

Typically with a site this size, the application will call for two (2) biofilters per pump n’ treat process; however, the client’s budget was limited so we initially went with a single (1) biofilter.

Their aerospace manufacturing operations include specialty plating and coating applications.  

The site’s entrances had vehicle speed bumps that acted as containment berms with stoppers positioned to plug up the 3 bypass tubes.  These were used to trap any potential chemical spills from flowing off-site.  

It was here that we had decided to place small deep catch basins to capture the stormwater upstream of the speed bumps.  Automated submersible pumps transfer these 2 stormwater streams up and into the biofilters for consistent processing.

These Gullywasher 275 BioUP biofilters have been onsite for over 3.5 years – providing consistent stormwater benchmark compliance for this client.  This site uses the same original Biochar Mix 2 media, and all their number are below their benchmarks even with the biofilter process being undersized.

Reporting PeriodParameterResultUnits
2019 – 2020Chromium (Total)0.02mg/L
2019 – 2020Copper, Total0.043mg/L
2019 – 2020Lead, Total0.0012mg/L
2019 – 2020Nickel, Total0.0084mg/L
2019 – 2020Zinc, Total0.051mg/L
2019 – 2020Ammonia, Total (as N)0.02mg/L
2019 – 2020Nitrite Plus Nitrate (as N)0.63mg/L
2019 – 2020Iron, Total0.08mg/L
2019 – 2020Aluminum, Total0.037mg/L
2019 – 2020Oil and Grease1mg/L
2019 – 2020pH7.77SU
2019 – 2020Total Suspended Solids (TSS)2mg/L
2019 – 2020Chromium (Total)0.02mg/L
2019 – 2020Copper, Total0.025mg/L
2019 – 2020Lead, Total0.001mg/L
2019 – 2020Nickel, Total0.0092mg/L
2019 – 2020Zinc, Total0.039mg/L
2019 – 2020Ammonia, Total (as N)0.82mg/L
2019 – 2020Nitrite Plus Nitrate (as N)0.65mg/L
2019 – 2020Iron, Total0.07mg/L
2019 – 2020Aluminum, Total0.034mg/L
2019 – 2020Oil and Grease1mg/L
2019 – 2020pH7.75SU
2019 – 2020Total Suspended Solids (TSS)1mg/L

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