Stormwater Compliance Can Be Tricky.

Just when you think you have it under control, something new pops up that needs to be addressed. That is why Gullywasher's treatment train of metal-compliant products breaks all compliance issues at its source before it becomes a problem all over your facility.

The art of removing metals starts with the expertise and understanding in the field of separations when applying to stormwater. Our products are engineered and manufactured to be simple, organic and compliant. Unlike our competitors, we published our results.

We call it the Gullywasher Method.

MetalCompliant Catch Basin Inserts (Parking Lots)

basketParking lot catch basins for many clients is the last chance to filter their contaminates before they go into the storm drains or watercourse. Having Gullywasher filter inserts installed is good common sense, especially when the stormwater inspectors come for a visit. Our catch basin inserts attract metals and are very good at it, receiving excellent results. Our gravity process also strips out the muck, oils, fuels and trash that normally fall into your catch basins. Our inserts work for all metal contaminates.

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Blue Filter Gabions
(Industrial Size Compliance)

jeffDesigned to be simple, easy to maintain, maintaining industrial stormwater compliance. Local medias - biochar, gravel, vulcanized peat moss, activated carbon - are used to strip out the industrial contaminates using no power, no chemicals, no active maintenance or open checkbook.

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Filter Grade BioChar

biochar detailThere is a big difference in biochar uses and how it is made. We think of it as premium quality for metal-compliant filtering.

There are other biochar medias in the market. It takes a specifically designed BioChar to filter out contaminates and remove dissolved metals. Our product works. You have our guarantee and our word that we will stand behind our BioChar, and have the lab results to prove it.

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Dual Stage Upflow BioFilter
(Metal Roofs)


Controlling metal contaminates at its source. That goes for your metal roofs too. A huge source of metal contaminates are coming down through the gutter downspouts, onto the ground, into the catch basins and eventually the storm drains. By filtering the water coming off the roofs, it makes compliance easier to achieve.

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Flood Control / Soil Erosion

climacoverControlling where your water goes is a key element to stormwater compliance. By creating barriers to divert stormwater away from industrial workshops and funneling through the filters, not only makes you actively compliant but also protects your work areas, hillsides and passageways. Instead of bags and sand, our bladders fill up with water to create a barrier anywhere you need it. What normally would be an all-day job with a team of workers can be accomplished in 20-30 minutes by one or two people.

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Request a 3rd Party Lab Report

For a confidential 3rd party lab report on our products, please fill in the request form. We do retain the right to deny requests to our competitors.




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